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We are Mobile Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Mobile, Al. As one of the biggest wildlife control companies within the area, we are able to offer technicians that service each specific area. This allows us to make quick appointments, with a technician frequently being available immediately. Our company is family run and we are committed to delivering the best possible customer care, from the time you contact us to make an appoint to when we resolve your problem. We are fully insured and licensed. We additionally carry commercial liability insurance. All of these measures help protect your property so you have one less thing to worry about. Every single member of our wildlife team has been trained with the latest methods. We make it appoint to use the latest state-of-the-art equipment for wildlife control and attend the latest seminars in the industry to ensure our training remains current. Whether you require our services for a commercial or residential property, we are glad to help. There is no job too large or too small for our team to tackle, thanks to our experience, team, and equipment. For the past three years, we have been voted the top wildlife control company within the metropolitan area, giving you additional confidence in our services. Call us now at 251-316-6349 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

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Mobile Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: A Guide in the Territory of Raccoon

Raccoons are known to be clever creatures. They are very curious and encountering them in the urban community is now becoming more common. Unfortunately, they will sometimes choose to live close to human. During this time, they will be a nuisance to house owners. Their habit and activities will cause damages on the structure. The damages will be more evident when they are establishing their territory or looking for the food.

Raccoons Prefer to Have Their Own Territory
Raccoons are prepared to travel a long distance when searching for food, water, and the perfect place to establish their den. The males that live in the rural setting will need to travel at least 10 miles when searching for their potential mate. After settling on their den, they will then mark their territory with their urine in order to warn the other raccoons. This will warn the invaders to stay away from their territory.

The Range
The scope of the male’s territory can cover up to 250 acres. On the other hand, the female territory will be relatively smaller since the female will often be busy taking care of the infants. This implies that she can’t wander too far; otherwise, the little ones can be in danger. It has also been discovered that the raccoons will limit their movement when they are living in the urban setting compared to those who are invading the rural setting. This is due to the fact that they no longer have to travel far to gather food since the food in the city is accessible. Raccoons are intelligent creatures and will mostly avoid the street to stay away from the dangers of the running vehicles.

Importance of Establishing Territory
The raccoons have the ability to communicate with each other through the scents that they are leaving behind. The male one will create a territory that will cover 1-3sq.miles. By marking his territory with his urine, he can let the other raccoons that someone owns this territory. When another raccoon invaded his territory, he will be able to tell it through their scent.

Marking Territory
There are various ways that the raccoon will mark its territory. The raccoons have anal glands where a substance is being secreted that they can use for territory marking. They can simply rub their behind on the places that they want to claim. They will utilize the common latrines particularly in a place with a high presence of raccoon. It also helps them to remain aware on the territory of the other raccoons in the community. Once you discovered that the raccoon choose to establish their territory on your property, there are simple ways to combat this. You can simply cover their latrine area with plastics, since the slippery surface of this material will not attract their attention. In case this did not work, you can always call the hotline of the professional wildlife company that will deal with the raccoon infestation. Raccoons can cause severe damages so it is important to remain alert on the sign of infestation.